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Pediatrics Congress 2019

Call for Abstracts

Several tools are designed to diagnose cardiac conditions in children which includes history i.e., general principles of cardiovascular history in the child, chief complaint or presenting sign. Physical examination involves study of various aspects like vital signs, cardiac examination & laboratory examination. Laboratory examination includes, electrocardiography, chest X-Ray, pulse oximetry, blood counts, echocardiography, MRI & MRA, computed tomography,excercise testing and cardiac catheterization. Cardinal topics include cardiovascular structure, development & functioning, cardiovascular diagnostics, left to right and right to left shunts, single ventricular lesions, congenital abnormalities of great arteries & aorta and congenital heart disease. Submit your abstracts to this session of Pediatrics Conferences; World Pediatrics 2019; Pediatric Society Meetings; Pediatric Events
Evaluation of renal diseases, fluids, electrolytes and acid-base disorders, glomerular diseases, tubular diseases. cystic renal diseases, issues related to pediatric urology, hypertension, acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease, chronic dialysis, renal transplantation, oncology & kidney, newborn and the kidney nephrotoxicity are the topics of importance in this session.
Main objective of Pediatric Nursing is to study-Safe motherhood in relation to child health, age and disease patterns & health priorities in children. With safe motherhood in relation to child health, high neonatal mortality rates are preventable. It includes labour and delivery care, essential new born care. Age & disease patterns include the study of first year of life-infancy, second to fifth year of life(malnutrition, pneumonia often caused by measles or whopping cough, diarrhoea diseases, malaria, anaemia, tuberculosis, accidents, streptococcal tonsillitis) and after five years (infectious diseases, malnutrition, malaria, skin diseases, respiratory diseases & other age specific diseases. Health priorities in children includes study of child health indicators such as-Perinatal mortality rate, neonatal mortality rare and related. Address the above mentioned and more by submitting your abstracts to Pediatrics Congress, Pediatrics Summit, Pediatrics 2019, Clinical Pediatrics Conferences